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Information for Parents/ Carers

First session- Friday 7th January 2022.

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to let you know about the Life Skills Primary Programme that we are planning to run during the next term and to outline the content of the course. (You may know this course from when it was called the DARE Programme).


The course will be taught by a trained DAaRT Officer who is employed by Life Skills Education Charity; please be assured that as a visitor into school the DAaRT Officer will be following school guidelines regarding the current Covid 19 pandemic and will wear Personal Protective equipment and socially distance where required.


The programme is a 10-week course with a graduation at the end which teaches children how to make the safe and healthy decisions which they will need as they develop into adulthood and beyond.


The class will be involved in discussion and activities and will watch video clips during which they will meet the DAaRT Crew. These young people often get themselves into risky situations and the class will help them to make informed decisions and to keep safe and healthy.


During the course the children will use a workbook, which they can bring home and share with you. This will include them discussing responsibility, pressure and peer pressure, confident communication, bullying and cyberbullying, risks and consequences, stress, and support networks.


We will also be discussing helpful and harmful drugs, and alcohol and the effects that these have on the body. The programme includes discussion on knife safety and will also explore the differences between various groups in society.


This programme has been running in the East Midlands and beyond for over 25 years, has more than 400,000 graduates and has been proven to make a difference in young people’s lives.


For more information, please visit where you will also find a link to the most recent research about the course.


Please contact me should you have any questions or queries or need any further information.


Miss Tomlinson