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Morning Task


Please have a go at todays arithmetic task. You may take as long as you need on the questions.


On Thursday, we would normally have PE. Here are some videos of PE that you could do at home.


Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks

Dance with Oti Mabuse



This week in maths, we have been learning column multiplication. Today we will be learning a new method for long multiplication, the grid method. It is important for the children to learn both methods, so they can find the method they are more comfortable with.

I have modelled this method for the children. Please watch my teaching video. 




Once you have watched the video, please have a go at the questions using this method. Please choose 1 column to complete. Bronze being the easiest and gold being the hardest. 


1. What is four times as many as 83?

2. A school has 6 classes, each of which has 28 children. How many school are there in school?

3. A castle is visited by 168 people on Wednesday and 5 times as many on Sunday. How many people visited on Sunday?



For English today, we are going to watch the rest of Pandora's Box. Think back to the story you wrote yesterday, was it similar to the actual story?


After you have watched the video, please think about Pandora opening the box. Did she do the right thing? How did she correct the problem she had created?


For todays lesson, I would like you compare the first time Pandora opens the box and the second time Pandora opens the box. To compare this, I would like you to fold your paper in half. On one half I would like you draw draw the evil coming out of the box. Please try and be creative with how you draw it. On the second half, I would like you to draw the hope coming out of the box. Again, please try to be creative and not just draw a butterfly. 


After you have drawn the pictures. Please write a few sentence to compare the pictures. Think about what the pictures show and the meaning behind the story.


You may use the template to help you.

Pandora's Box Part 2

Still image for this video



This week the country we will be looking at is Mexico. See if you can think about artists you may know from Mexico.


The artist that we will be finding out about this week is called Frida Kahlo. Have a read through these fact sheets where you can find out more information.


As you can see Frida loved to paint self-portraits, therefore I would like you to either draw or paint a self-portrait. Frida often included aspects of nature in the background so maybe you could include some too!



In EGPS, we are now going to look at sentence types. Today, we will be recapping compound sentences.


Please follow the video for this lesson:


It is a very interactive lesson. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Please follow the video and have a go at all the different activities.