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Today we are going to be recapping making equal groups. We have done lots of learning about this so I can't wait to see your excellent work! Here is the video to watch Complete the sheet attached. 


Today in PSHE we are going to be looking at healthy eating. What does healthy mean? How can we stay healthy? In particular, we are going to focus on eating healthily. I would like you to watch the video Why should we stay healthy and what foods can you think of? There is this fun song too! For your task, I would like you to make a healthy meal, this could be a salad for example. If you haven't got access to this, I would like you to draw your healthy meal using the template below.


For our Big Write today, I would like you to watch this part of the film from Finding Nemo. I would like you to imagine you are Marlin and you are travelling with the turtle. I would like you to write a story about this. For example, where is the turtle going to take you? How do you feel about being on the turtles back? Is he your friend? Do you know where you're going? You need to start it from where Marlin wakes up. 


You could start it with 'My eyesight was incredibly blurry. My eyes slowly opened and I saw a huge turtle! He has a hard shell on his back.  He was trying to talk to me but I was very sleepy. I didn't know where I was going!' That's an example of how you could start it. As you can see, I have used expanded noun phrases.