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We are continuing to consolidate our learning of addition and subtraction and will today be completing some reasoning questions. Have a go at the attached questions - remember to explain how you know something or what you have done in order to reach the answer if it asks you to! 



Think back a couple of weeks when we last looked at 'Go Grapheme Grafters' and we had a list of 15 words that became our focus 15. This week's set of words is:


comprehensioncourteous      decoration   


Write down these words (or print them off) and underline any part of each word that you think could be tricky in terms of the spelling. Then, see if a grown up can read the words to you whilst you try to spell them without looking. See how many you got right! Did you get the tricky parts you underlined wrong or another part of the word? Then, using the mini ticks, see which letters of each word you got in the right place. 


How could you group these words? Try and see if you can spot any patterns!


Have a look at the picture below - this is a bunyip. A bunyip is an aboriginal mythical creature and is said to have lurked in forests, billabongs and creeks. How would you describe the bunyip? Think about the physical appearance of it, but also how it might move, what it could sound like and the surroundings it lives in. Write some sentences to describe it - use adjectives, verbs, adverbs, similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification. 


We are finishing off our half term of team games by completing some free choice team activities. Please take some time to complete some physical activity smiley

Online Activities 

Please complete some reading on Bug Club and answer the comprehension questions using the Bugs on each page. Then, use Times Tables Rockstars to practise your times tables as this is really important this year.