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This week, we have started a new text 'The Pirates Next Door' and we have spent time making predictions about what the text might be about. We used the picture on the front cover and the title to support our answers. Then, we have moved on to completing the VIPERS questions (see below!) relating to each page of the text - we are breaking it down to get a really good understanding of the language used and have been able to answer these questions successfully. We have recapped over the use of basic punctuation, the layout of our answers and using full sentences and are books are looking super neat! 


We also have a grammar focus for each lesson and have so far covered ellipses, exclamation marks and contractions! A super first week to start the term smiley

Our second week of reading saw us continue with our text 'The Pirates Next Door' and we have learnt more about the story and how the main character Jim Lad has been settling into the neighbourhood! We have focused on conjunctions and adjectives alongside our reading this week and have been identifying examples of each in the text. Each day, we continue to answer the VIPERS questions, which encourage us to do things like explain, predict and infer. Each week our confidence grows - well done Year 2! 

This week, we continue with our text 'The Pirates Next Door' and have continued to retrieve information from the text and make inferences supported with evidence. We have also focused on verbs and have been able to identify them within the text. We continue to read this book next week and are coming towards the end. We have thought about why the text is presented in the way that it is and we will be sequencing and summarising the text once we have read it all. 

This week, we have finished reading 'The Pirates Next Door' and we spent some time sequencing the story. We looked at what had happened throughout the text and tried to summarise this into a couple of sentences. We did so well for our first try! We also continued working on other VIPERS questions, being able to explain why something might have happened and predict what might happen next.