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In Maths today, we are looking at lines of symmetry. Do you know what symmetry means? I would first liket you to watch this video . Then I would like you to look at the video and complete the worksheet.


I would like you to complete the reading comprehension all about pirates. You can underline/highlight the key information to help you.


This week in Science we are learning all about seeds and bulbs. Have you got any plants at home?  How do you think they grow? For this lesson, you will need a seed or bulb to plant. You are going to make a prediction and watch the plant grow. If you have not got access to seeds or bulbs, I would like you to draw a prediction of what you think a plant may look like when you first plant it and how it might change over the next couple of days. Watch this video to see how a plant grows


For EGPS today, we're focusing on the spelling rule the sound 'zh' spelt as 's'. Have a look at the PowerPoint and complete the worksheets.