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We are now moving on to looking at addition and subtraction in Maths, so the first lesson is on mental addition strategies. What does solving a problem mentally actually mean? Warm up your brain by recalling your number bonds to 100:

52 + ? 

13 + ?

75 + ?

4 + ?

67 + ?


Now, can you have a go at these questions without working it out on paper?

- 23 + 41

- 59 + 30

- 27 + 61

- 34 + 56


How did you work them out? Did you add the tens columns and then the ones? Or the other way round? Or did you always partition the second number and add it to the first? 


Create a list of questions for yourself - you need 4 questions that are 2 digit numbers + 2 digit numbers, then try to extend it by adding 3 digit numbers instead. In total I would suggest around 15 questions to ensure you have a good understanding. Just remember, no working out on paper! 



Today's grammar focus is conjunctions. What is a conjunction and why are they used? See if you can create your own list of conjunctions before having a go at the Supermovers video below. 


Then, have a go at one of the sheets. Please only choose one but remember to challenge yourself! 


Today we are starting our learning on recounts. Think about what you already know about this topic.


Use the internet to find Mount Everest - what is it? Where is it? Think what it would be like if you were standing at the top - would it have been an easy journey or hard? Why? What challenges might climbers of Everest face? Explore some images of the mountain online to give you a good picture in your mind. Then, find the news article from 3rd July 1953 on BBC News and read it through - what might it have been like to travel up the mountain? 


Once you have done this, watch the clip below and make some notes based on what you hear. What information can you find out? This will help you later on in the week. 


Today we have another Drumba class so please take some time to do some physical activity smiley


Today we are learning about aboriginal Australians and are discussing the colonisation in Australia. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and think about the impact of this on aboriginal people. Once you have done this, create a poster of your understanding and also add in your own opinion about how it impacted aboriginal people, including ideas on land use, disease and conflict.