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Today you will be tested on your spellings. Make sure you have a pencil and paper and use the video below. Remember to send me your score!





Today, I would like you to follow the link below to access work on how to proof reading . You will also be learning about the spinner dolphin. Remember to watch the video before completing the tabs marked the grammar bit and whiteboard challenges. If you would like to challenge yourself further you can continue with the writing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you produce.

English- Big Write


Today you are going to be writing a seasonal poem. Read the poem about Autumn. It has been written as though the season is a person.



I would like you to choose a season and think about the following:

- What happens in this season?

- What words can I use to describe this season?


You might find it useful to create a mind-map full of ideas before you start. Use the success criteria as a guide and try and complete as many things as you can off the checklist. 


Starter- Mental arithmetic. Set yourself a timer of 10 minutes and try to complete as many questions as you can. Remember to use the methods that you have been taught in school. 

Main Activity- Today you are going to be working through word problems involving percentages. Remember you can use the PowerPoint from Wednesday if you need a reminder on how to find a percentage of a number. 




Today we are going to be listening to Victorian parlour music.

- What do you think I mean by parlour music?


During the Victorian era entertainment was very different. They didn't have a TV, games console or lots of different toys (unless they were rich) so they had to think of different ways to keep themselves entertained. If families had enough money then they were able to buy a radio where they could listen to some music. They would keep this radio in the parlour (we might call it a living room or a sitting room) and they would spend their evenings listening to the songs. 


Activity- Listen to the different examples of parlour music and then choose one piece to be your focus. I would like you to listen to the song again with your eyes closed. 

- What do you picture is happening in the music?

- What story can you tell from the music?

- Is it a happy song or a sad song?

- What might the music represent?


I would then like you to draw a scene from what you imagine is happening in the music e.g. with piece 1, I imagine a ballroom and people wearing beautiful ball gowns and suits dancing to the music. I imagine high ceilings and lots of gold painted walls. I would then draw this making sure I use the full page and include lots of detail into the background.


Music 1:


Music 2:


Music 3:


Music 4:


Music 5:




Today I would like you to choose one of the questions below and give a detailed answer to whether you agree with the question or disagree (imagine it was part of a debate). Try to think of at least three reasons to support your answer.



Is it our job to care for the environment?


Does having more things make you happier?


Are computer games good for you?


Is it easier to help people if you are rich?


Is it okay to keep animals in zoos?