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Pupil of the Week

This week's pupil of the week has been awarded as I have been impressed with her for some time. She always works hard and seeks to improve on her work, asking for relevant feedback and then implementing this next time. She has also recently received her pen license, which shows how hard she is working in class. She is kind and helpful and is always doing the right thing. Well done, superstar! 

This week's Pupil of the Week has been awarded for a huge improvement in commitment and attitude to learning. I have been so impressed by your dedication to your learning and how hard you are working in order to continue to improve and I think this attitude has also had a positive effect on the people around you. You are setting a wonderful example to the rest of the class and I wanted to reward all of your efforts. Well done and keep it up! 

Pupil of the week this week is someone I have been so impressed with for their attitude to learning and how well they listen in each lesson. She has shown such dedication and commitment to learning and this has become evident in our recent assessments as she achieved great results. A fabulous example to the rest of the class and shows that hard work pays off. Well done superstar! 

This week I have awarded pupil of the week to someone who I have been impressed with since the start of Year 4. She is always trying her best and shows such an excellent attitude to learning, but what has impressed me most is her willingness to help others and her desire to see them succeed as well. She will work with any other member of the class if they need additional support and always knows and understands the task to be able to assist her table during group work. An excellent example - well done! 

I have been so impressed with the pupil of the week for the excellent start she has made to Thoresby Class. She works super hard and has shown an excellent attitude to learning. I can already see huge changes from last year and I am really pleased - well done, superstar! 

This week's pupil of the week is someone who is always receiving tree tokens for being the first one ready to learn during lessons. He has an excellent attitude to learning and concentrates fully on each task. He shows the rest of us how to behave and sets a wonderful example, always working hard and putting in maximum effort. He finishes work on time and it is always well presented and detailed. You are an asset to Thoresby Class - keep up the great work! 

Our next pupil of the week is also someone who is always ready to learn and gives every task 100% effort. He is enthusiastic about learning and always contributes to our class discussions, working hard in each lesson. The main reason he was awarded pupil of the week was because he scored 144/144 in our first times tables assessment! An amazing achievement and shows how talented he is smiley

Our first pupil of the week was chosen as he came into the new school year with such an amazing positive attitude! He was always ready to learn and set an excellent example to the rest of the class. His enthusiasm and brilliant dance moves keep us all going and we are so thrilled to have him in the class. Well done!