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Morning Work

Please find attached today's arithmetic questions. Remember to check your answers using the animations when you have finished. 


We are going to start out Maths topic on Fractions. 

Today we are starting with a reminder of what a fraction is. 

Please use the video to teach you how to answer the questions before having a go at the task.


For GPS we are going to continue our work on expanded noun phrases. 

Please follow the link to the Natural Curriculum lesson. These lessons use a wildlife clip and explain the grammar as well as setting some short tasks. Please complete these on some paper.


In English we are going to build on our imaginative characters for an adventure story. 

We have thought about the setting and some action inside a pyramid. 

Today I would like you to have a look at the statues of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. We haven't learnt anything about them yet, so we will need to use our imaginations.


I would like you to choose a character and write a character description to give as much detail about them as you can. Think abut:

 - When the statue comes to life, how do they move?

 - What is their job?

 - Are they good or evil?

 - What do they look like?

 - Do they have any objects with them?

  - How do they think and feel - do they like guarding the pyramids?  

Topic - Art

For Art today we are going to look at Egyptian Death masks. In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs (Kings) were buried inside the pyramids. They had lots of gold and money with them that they would need in the afterlife and were usually covered with a gold, decorated mask to cover their faces. We will look more at this in topic on Thursday. 


For your art task, there is a choice of activities. You may choose to use papier mache to create a 3D death mask, have a go at the origami (paper folding) activity, produce a detailed sketch or paint.

Use the presentation below for instructions and ideas.