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If you need to, have a look back on yesterday's missing number video. Today is consolidation of that learning. We are going to complete another missing number task to make sure we fully understand the concept. Have a go at today's task and please let me know if you need any more support on this. 

Big Write


As always on a Friday, we complete a Big Write task which is around 40 minutes of writing. This week's task is a character description of a character from your favourite book. Once you have completed all of your writing, feel free to add a picture if you would like to. I have attached the assessment criteria below so you can mark your own work and then see if a grown up can complete the other side - do you both agree that you have included a certain aspect of the criteria? Let me know how you get on! 



This half term in Modern Foreign Languages, we will be learning about different foods in a variety of languages. Today our task is to learn the vocabulary for different foods in Spanish. Have a look at the attached PowerPoint and then make your own document where you note the Spanish word, the English translation and then a picture or clip art image to help you remember. 

Golden Time


On a Friday afternoon, the children usually have Golden Time. This is time for them to choose what they would like to do as a reward for working hard during the week. I am sure all of the children have been working hard at home this week! We usually complete colouring activities, do paper crafts, play games or have outside time. Enjoy!