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PE and Sport in Welbeck Class

Week commencing 9th March 2020


This week in P.E Welbeck Class have practised yoga, thinking about mindfulness. The children focused on their breathing being calm, relaxed and controlled. They did a variety of different yoga moves making sure that they flowed smoothly between each movement and thinking how it is calming and relaxing, only focusing on themselves, what they were doing and their breathing. All of the children did really well with the different yoga positions and enjoyed doing something a little bit different this week.  

Week commencing 2nd March 2020


This week in P.E Welbeck Class started with a warm up game of ' Traffic Lights'. The children had to listen carefully to the instruction being called out and then had to do the corresponding action.


The children then worked in small groups to practice the passes used in netball, while only pivoting on their feet and only holding the ball for no longer than three seconds. After practising for a while with their group the children then made a square with one person on each corner and one in the middle. The person in the middle had to pass the ball to each player in turn by pivoting on the spot. Once each person had a turn in the middle two groups joined together making it a race to see which team could finish first whilst still using the correct passes and foot work. The children used good clear communication and accurate passes within their team.

Week commencing 24th February 2020


This week in P.E Welbeck Class warmed up with a game of 'Cat and Mouse'. Three children were the cats and they had to remove the tails from the mice, who then became cats.

In pairs the children had to practise different passes using a netball; chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass, allowing them to develop their technique and control of the ball. Then in a coned area the children worked in small groups and had to practise these passes to each other, with one child being in the middle trying to intercept the ball. Aiming to do ten passes before changing who goes in the middle so everyone gets a turn at each position. The children worked hard using a variety of passes and passing the ball accurately to their team members.

To cool down the children jogged gently around the playground and finished off with some stretches.





Week commencing 10th February 2020


This week in P.E Welbeck Class warmed ups with another game of 'Tails'. The children enjoy this game as it is active and fast moving.

The children got into teams of four then paired up with another team. They had a court set out with a centre line and three hoops each side two meters away from the centre line. Each team had to stand behind the hoops and bounce the ball into any of the hoops in there opponents half to score a point. Players had to defend their hoops without making any contact with the attackers.

At half time the children discussed and planned how they were going to play the second half, thinking of ways to make it easier or harder.


Week commencing 3rd February 2020


This week in P.E Welbeck Class started with a warm up game of 'Tails'. Working as two teams the children had to tuck a braid into their waistband as a tail. Each team had to collect the opposing teams tails, the team with the most tails won.

Still playing invasion games the children had to get into teams of six (3 attackers and 3 defenders). The attackers had to use a variety of passes and dribbling the ball through the defenders zones, working on good communication between each other and accurate passes. They score a point for each zone they they get through. The defenders could only defend in their own zone and could mark and intercept but not tackle, scoring two points each time they regain the ball.

The children worked on indicating when they are ready to receive the ball and to look for a space to run into to receive the ball also. They also worked on their defending skills by standing on the balls of their feet and moving from side to side.

Week commencing 27th January 2020


Welbeck Class have continued with invasion games in P.E this week. They are practising their team work and developing their passing skills. 

They began with a game of 'Sharks' again to get nicely warmed up. Next they moved onto practising their ball skills, thinking about how to pass the ball in a variety of passes and how to disguise the pass they are throwing.

The children then got into teams of five, each team having a coned square area. Four attackers stay on the outside of the cones, one on each side of the square. The other player is in the middle and they are the defender. The attackers have to pass the ball to each other using a variety of passes, scoring a point every time they make a successful pass to another attacker. The defender has to intercept the ball. After a minute the defender is changed for a different player, making sure everyone has a turn at being the defender.

Week commencing 20th January 2020


In P.E today Welbeck Class warmed up with a game of ‘Sharks’. 
The children have used their passing skills and communication skills within a team. They were in two teams (defenders and attackers). The attackers had to pass the ball to each other while one defender tries to intercept the ball. If the ball was intercepted before 5 passes had been made another defender came on to play, continuing until all defenders are in play. The children used a variety of different throws really well and looked carefully for clear spaces for their team members to pass them the ball. 

Week commencing 13th January 2020


This week in P.E we began by warming up playing the smugglers game again. The children really enjoyed this and found that they were more focused if they were quieter.


Once warmed we the children practiced passing the ball in partners using different passes such as; chest pass,shoulder pass and bounce pass. Also thinking about making a target with their hands to show they were ready to catch. The children then got into groups of four or five, each being numbered. Then passing the ball in numerical order and back again using a pass of their choice. To make it more difficult the children progressed onto moving to a new position once they had thrown the ball to someone else, again using a pass of their choice. Good communication was needed as was throwing and catching skills.

Week commencing 6th January 2020


IN P.E this week to begin with Welbeck Class have played the invasion game 'smugglers'. This involved having two teams; smugglers and goodies. The goodies had to put the correct colour bean bags into the correct colour hoops, while the smugglers had to steal them and put them into the wrong  colour hoops. 

Next they practiced dribbling a ball trying to look ahead as much as possible while listening to instructions of when to change direction and focusing on good ball control. After that the children worked in pairs dribbling the ball through as many gates as possible in a set time still using good ball control and dribbling skills. They also used different variations such as passing the ball through the gate three times before moving to another gate and changing who dribbles the ball each time.

Week commencing 18th November 2019


In P.E this week we have played hockey again with Tony. Before we started we warmed by running up and down the playground a number of times, then we did knee claps, side steps and heel kicks. Once we were all warmed up we played mini tournaments again but in different teams to last week. It was really good because we were all doing something at the same time until our team was knocked out. We all had a good time working together as a team to play hockey. 

Week commencing 11th November 2019


In P.E this week we have had lots of fun with Tony playing hockey. The playground was split in half so we could have four teams playing mini matches at the same time. This worked really well so we could have a mini tournament between the four teams until there was a winning team. Everyone really enjoyed playing hockey. 

Week commencing 4th November 2019


In P.E this week we have had lots of fun continuing with team games. We had to think about working with our team members, giving encouragement and direction. We used lots of different skills including: speed, balance, agility, precision and accuracy when throwing, catching and passing. Everyone worked really well with their team members, giving each other lots of support.

Monday 7th October 2019


In P.E this week we have played team games. Working on speed, agility, accuracy and balance. We had to weave in and out of the cones to collect tennis balls from the hoop at the other end, bring them to our team and then return them to the hoop. We also did this balancing a bean bag on our head, still trying to be as fast as we could. It was a challenge! The game Past the Team was fun, trying to keep our own side of the cones free of balls. Rolling them back to the other team as soon they came onto our side of the cones. The aim being to have as few balls on our side as possible at the end of the game. Everyone enjoyed a game of Hop and Hoop, listening carefully to the number being called out then trying to get into a hoop with that number of children. The number of hoops reducing as the game progresses making it more difficult each time.

Monday 30th September 2019


Today in P.E  we have been continuing with our football skills. Practising everything we have been learning over the past few weeks to begin with, before we had a game of football. During the game we demonstrated  good term work passing the ball to each other while communicating clearly. We used all of the different skills we have learnt making it a relay exciting game of football.

Monday 23rd September 2019


Today in P.E. we have been learning to take free kicks, penalties and corners in football. We have been learning to shoot with precision and we have been learning which part of the foot is better for scoring. We have also been continuing to learn about the rules of football and the different positions to play. Finally, we had a big game of football which was extremely fun. 

Monday 16th September 2019


Today in P.E. we have been learning to develop our football skills. To start, we demonstrated excellent team work when we participated in team sprint games. We then practised our dribbling skills, making sure that we carefully dribbled around the cones and passed the ball accurately back to our team member. After that, we played the game 'Headers or Catch' in small groups. We had to listen carefully to ensure we followed the instructions correctly. There were some fantastic headers! Finally, we finished with a game of football, trying to incorporate everything that we have learnt today. 

This week in Welbeck Class during P.E we have been gaining better control of the football. Learning skills such as dribbling and passing the ball carefully to a partner. We also practised our throwing skills with accurate precision, such as throwing the ball through a hoop. The class enjoyed working as part of a team. 

Some of the children during our whole school creative curriculum afternoon enjoyed taking part in team games, whilst others did outdoor learning, design and technology and drama.