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Work done at home during school closure from Creswell Class members

Look at the amazing work being done at home in Creswell Class.

Well done to all the children and their families.

Keep up the fantastic work - Thank you!

Creating alien profiles on purple mash
Look at this alien puppet!
Creating information presentations about Apollo 11
Baking cupcakes and learning about measuring!
Making electrical circuits
One of the 24 acts of kindness challenges - Wow!
Look at the 7 continents on Google Earth
Information poster about the moon
Information poster about Neil Armstrong
Learning about Palm Sunday
Look at my rocket!
My rocket with a background!
Another amazing rocket!
Creating my own spacecraft
5,4,3,2,1 - BLAST OFF!
Wow! Amazing creations
My incredible rocket
Fantastic DT work
Solar system poster
How big is this poster!? Incredible!
I made a solar system mobile
Solar system poster
I created space patterns on a bag
Moon dough!
Look at this unusual alien!
Amazing story writing and incredible handwriting
Writing based on our story of the week
Z Pootle 6's alien party
Writing about the alien party
Look at my alien party
Creating alien profiles
Fantastic design work
Imaginative ideas
Meet my pet alien!
Designing gingerbread men
Science work: Investigatin electricity
This gingerbread looks delicious!
Using the mashcam!
Look at my kind and helpful alien
We designed our own aliens
I made a palm cross, a palm leaf and a palm branch
I made a pie chart!
We had to write about our favourite planet
Wow! Look at my rocket!
Creating postcards
A postcard from space
Creating stories on purple mash
Stories about staying safe and the NHS
Storybook making on 2create a story
Making bath bombs
So proud!
I made mine from a milk carton
Bird feeders
Making bird feeders
Look at this smile!
Learning about the history of farming
Incredible detail
Jack and Daisy
Jack and the beanstalk drawings
Creating art work from plants
A friendship poster
Great Jack and the beanstalk writing!
Observational drawings of plants
Look how big it is getting!
Building a greenhouse for my plants
Making a mini magical garden
a box model creation of Big Ben
Look at the beautiful colours used on here
Facts and art based on the Great Fire of London
The Great Fire of London
Great Fire of London art
An information leaflet all about the Great Fire
Celebrating achievements
A beautiful prayer
Observational drawing of a Sunflower
a 3D sunflower made from playdough
The Shard
Making my Tower Bridge model with a plan!
The life cycle of a tree
Testing materials
A waterproof coat for a bear!
Learning about materials
Cinquain poem based on 'The Tiny Seed'
Beautiful poetry
NHS and Keyworkers - we thank you!
Sunflower printing based on work by Van Gogh
VE day design work
Map work - Learning about capital cities
Science work about materials
Katie and Jack on the Lion
Celebrating our achievements this year
A sketch of Big Ben
The golden lion from 'Katie in London'
Such an amazing recreation of a Tudor house
A wonderful construction of Tower Bridge
What an awesome sculpture of the London eye!
Look at what happened during the Great Fire
An amazing painting of the Great Fire of London
Drawing landscapes in greyscale
Making a pop-up!
Sketching the Pyramids
A London red bus!
Look at the size of this Tower Bridge!
Researching Tudor houses
Science work! Making a waterproof coat