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Today we will be recapping the concept of tenths - you may have learnt about this in Year 3 so it might be a case of refreshing your memory today! Have a look at my teaching video and then use what you have learnt to help you answer the questions on both sheets. One will focus on identifying tenths and the next moves on to sequencing. 


If you need anything you know where to find me! 



Have a listen to Chapter 13 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


We are going to be writing a diary entry today from the perspective of Charlie. We haven't discussed diary entries in class yet so don't panic! This is just to see what you already know smiley


What we have covered though is time connectives. These are words that tell us when something is happening - can you think of any examples? These are really important in a diary entry because they allow us to learn when an event is taking place. Have a look at my example below, can you put time connectives at the start of each sentence in this paragraph to make it more detailed? You could use words like 'first', 'meanwhile', 'after that', 'then', 'later' or 'finally' - choose some of your own too! 


Dear Diary,

- I woke up at 5.30 this morning because I was so excited about what lay ahead of me today. I was jumping around the house and accidently woke up the rest of the family! 

- My mum tried to feed me some watery cabbage soup for breakfast but I was far too nervous to eat it. 

- The time came for Grandpa Joe and I to leave the house. We waved farewell to the rest of the family and I gave them lots of hugs because I was really going to miss them. 

- We walked to the factory (I was trying to run but Grandpa Joe couldn't keep up). 

- We arrived at Willy Wonka's incredible chocolate factory and saw hundreds of excited people. Loads of photographers were trying to take my picture but I was far too excited to even notice.


- This was it, I was about to enter Willy Wonka's amazing factory and see the secrets that lay inside. I felt like the luckiest boy on earth.


Once you have done that task, if you are feeling confident enough, have a go at writing your own version of Charlie's diary from the morning of his visit to the chocolate factory. Then, use the checklist I've attached to see how many features you included! There are 3 levels - which star level did you meet?



This week's grammar focus is turning statements into questions. A statement is a sentence that tells us something, whereas a question requires a response (and a question mark!)


I have uploaded a video to reassure you of this activity, so have a look at that and then try the attached task.


Spellings for this week are:


- pollution

- attraction

- construction

- contraction 

- affection

- solution

- revolution

- position

- important

- various


See if you can use each of these words in a sentence to ensure you understand the meaning and context. Keep practising throughout the week and test yourself on Friday! 



Last week, we looked at the artist George Seurat and started to build an understanding of Pointillism. You should have studied ‘La Grande Jatte’ painting and identified different objects within this. 


This week, we are going to be putting our understanding to the test by having a go! Have a look at the slides, which shows you different ways to produce Pointillism art - my favourite is the cotton bud, but you choose whichever you like the most! I have uploaded some pictures you could test your technique on, some are more simple than others. Try to create your own Pointillism inspired piece, either using one of the templates below or freestyle! I would love to see your designs once they are complete. 


If you do not have the resources to complete this activity, please do not worry. Have a look at the slides anyway and think about how you might like to do this type of art - maybe we could try it when we are back in school!