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Creswell Class

Hello and welcome to Creswell Class!


A big welcome to everyone in Creswell class, I hope you are all ready for a fun and exciting year. Since we last met, I have thought about all the lovely ideas about what you would like to learn about this year. Here are the names of the topics for this year:


Autumn term 1 – Changing rooms - Houses and homes – Where do I live? Who lives in my house?

Autumn term 2 –  Light of the world – Christmas, Nativity, Celebrations around the world

Spring term 1 – Once upon a time – Fairy tales, Favourite stories

Spring term 2 – Up, up and away – Space, Journeys, Aeroplanes, Animals that fly!

Summer 1 – Green fingers! – Growing our own fruit and vegetables, Where does our food come from?

Summer 2 – Under the sea – Sea creatures, Ocean life, boats, pirates!


Below I have tried to answer some questions that will hopefully give you more of an insight into our school day. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.


Who will be my teachers in Creswell class?

Your teachers will be Mr Bell and Mrs Wood on a Thursday. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us any questions/concerns. The best time to speak to Mr Bell and Mrs Wood is after school, as you can appreciate that during the morning we need to register and begin lessons. Mrs Bellamy will be on the door each morning to welcome the children in and to help them hang their coats/bags on their pegs. Alternatively you can always call the school to arrange a time to come in and see us.


What day do I need a P.E Kit and what shall I wear? 

It is a good idea to bring your kit with you on a Monday morning and collect it for washing on a Friday. Our P.E days are Tuesday and Thursday. This term you will need some shorts, a T-shirt and some plimsolls/trainers.


When do I need to hand my homework in?

You will be given a book called a ‘Learning Journal’. In this book will be any messages from myself and a short homework task/spellings etc. This will be given out on Friday and collected in on Wednesday. The task will be a fun task either about something we have been learning about in class or researching something for the following week. Let me know if you have trouble accessing a computer at home for these tasks. You will be rewarded for how hard you try with team points. You can also write a comment/message in these books, if you want to ask me anything.


When will I be reading?

You will be doing a reading task each week in class but will also be bringing home a range of books to enjoy (choosing book from our library) and another book from our reading scheme. You will also be given a reading diary where your parents/carers can write comments about your reading. If you get three messages in your diary over the week, you will then be able to move your car around our race to read track. You will need your book bag, book and diary each day, which can be placed in a box in the entrance. I will also be sending a password and username for our blogging site and our online reading scheme the ‘bug club’ (more details to follow).


Can I bring my own toys in from home?

I would always advise that your toys stay at home, unless you have been asked to bring something in for show and tell or for an activity in class. Each week I will choose 6 children to take part in ‘Show and Tell’. Show and Tell days will be on Monday and Friday.


Will I be having a snack?

We will be having a piece of fruit/veg and drink each morning. Water will always be on offer at anytime during the day.

We will open the gates at 3.15pm and send you to your grown-up as we see them.

If anyone different will be collecting your child, please let us know that morning.

Thank you

Mr Bell

Our Little Red Hen work
Jack and the beanstalk display
Super writing
Look at our 'story s'
Planting our sunflower seeds
We must water our seeds
We have been counting in 2's
1 day after we planted our cress
Our cress seeds are changing!
Can you see the difference?
Fantastic number writing!
Mixing the egg and cress
Using the cress we grew in class
Making our egg and cress sandwiches
Making our rainbow salad!
It looks yummy!
Look at the roots and shoot on our beans!
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Airborne Education Day
Super rockets!
Making houses
Inside the fire engine
Inside the fire engine
Wonderful fire pictures
Making the longest train track
We use lots of different construction materials
Making a terraced house
A house made out of duplo
What a super house!
Look at out house made out of playdough
Look at our houses made out of foam blocks
Ordering our numbers to 10
Nearly there!
Can the BEE-BOT find it's way to the post office?
Making the routes
shaking the ribbons high in the sky
Ready to throw!
making shapes with the ribbons
These boys were great at using the puppets
We have been making some masks!
Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins!
I'll huff and I'll puff!
Painting a picture of Shireoaks post office
We are looking at the shape of our school
Mixing colours to paint the train station
We are painting all the trees around the church
Playing shape bingo
Our house books and photographs
Our fantastic self portraits
Our model village
Our model village
Check out our cupcakes that we designed!
Look who came to visit our party!
Our beautiful cards and calendars
hedgehog bread!
Working together
We love making bread!
We enjoy making number lines with our friends
We have been making a 10's number line
Counting along the number line.
We ran out of tens so Katie made another one.
Measuring aliens!
How many centimetres is this alien?
Making our space rockets!
Super designs!
Investigating in the sand
bubble fun!