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Today we will be focusing on making our own shapes to fit a specific area. Have a look at the video from White Rose Maths, then do the worksheet. Use the answers to check your work and let me know how you get on smiley



We are going to be discussing inverted commas and speech during the lesson today. Enjoy listening to Mrs Dilks reading Chapter 9 of our book, and then have a look at the teaching video. This will give you more information on the task. 


Remember to send your work to the class email address so that you can share your ideas with me and I can provide you with some feedback! 



Have a look at the below video from Oak Academy. We have looked at this one before, but it will give you a good opportunity to recap on our learning of word class, particularly focusing on prepositions.


Then, look at today's task on the below attachment. You can either write or type your answers. 


This week's spellings are:


- generous

- disastrous 

- hazardous 

- marvellous

- miraculous

- ridiculous 

- jealous

- anonymous

- possible

- forward



Use the attached slides to learn more about George Seurat and the origins of Pointillism. Study some of his pieces - what do you think about these? Maybe you could share your ideas with an adult. 


Choose worksheet 1A, 1B or 1C, ensuring you are being challenged. Have a go at finding the relevant objects on the painting. There is also an information sheet on Seurat and a fact file template - if you would like to, please complete this too. However, this second task is optional smiley