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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!

The Governing Body at St Luke’s is currently made up of 10 people who come from all walks of life and represent different groups of people who have an interest in the school. An explanation of the different categories of governors is given below.

Parent Governors
Elected by members of the parent community. You must be the legal parent or guardian of a child under the age of 16 in full-time education. Often parent vacancies are filled by nomination from within the parental community of the school. On the rare occasion when this does not happen, the wider parental community can be approached. Our Governing Body currently has one parent governor. Mr Hauxwell (Appointed 16th March 2017 until 15th March 2021) is the Parent Governor at St. Luke's.  We currently have a vacancy for one parent governor.
Staff Governors
Elected by all staff from within the teaching or non-teaching element of the school staff. This category includes teachers, teaching assistants, caretaking and cleaning staff, secretarial and administration, mid-day supervision and catering staff. The Staff category of our School is two – this category includes the Headteacher, Mrs Dunn. (Appointed 1st January 2009)  The other teaching representative is Mr Bell. (Appointed 14th October 2019 until 13th October 2023) 
Local Authority Governors 
These are representatives for the Local Authority. They are usually elected members of the council or County Council.  We currently have a vacancy for one LA governor at St. Luke's.

Foundation Governors

These members represent the Diocese and are appointed through St Luke’s Church. We currently have six foundation governors on the Governing Body and they are appointed to preserve and develop the religious character of the school.  The current Chair of Governors, Mr Beckett (Re-appointed 16th July 2018 until 15th July 2022), is a foundation governor. Mr Stout (Re-appointed 16th December 2019 until 15th December 2023), Mrs Stephens (Re-appointed 16th July 2019  until 15th July 2023) and Mr Croucher (Re-appointed 23rd September 2020 until 22nd September 2024), Reverend Luiz Lima (Appointed 16th April 2018 until 15th April 2022) and Peter Stanley (Appointed 14th October 2020 until 13th October 2024) are our Foundation Governors. Mr Stout is also the Vice-Chair of the Governing Body. 


Associate Member

We currently have Mr Connor as an Associate Member of the Governing Body


Please see further information about our governors below.









Mr P Beckett, Chair of Governors

I recently retired after teaching all levels of Mathematics in Schools in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Since retirement I have worked in residential schools for Gifted and Talented Mathematicians in addition to working for the Access Project to bridge the gap for disadvantaged students. I also volunteer for the UKMT and sit on their General Council . My wife Cathy also retired was previously head of Special needs at a local Independent School. Our children Jonathan (32) and Rosie (30) attended St. Luke’s for their early education before transferring to Worksop College where they were both academic scholars. They both have fond memories of St. Luke’s and are sure that the excellent grounding and their thirst for knowledge was begun at St. Luke’s. Jonathan is now teaching at a high performing Independent College in Oxford having graduated in Chemistry from Hertford College Oxford. Rosie is now a Structural Engineer based in London having graduated from New College Oxford in Engineering.

Mr J Stout

I moved to the area in 2010 as a result of relocating with my job for Boots UK. I wanted to be involved in the school as my son started attending on our arrival in the village. I am passionate about ensuring my children receive the best education they can and am pleased to have the opportunity to assist the teachers and staff at the school to provide this for all pupils.

Rev L Lima

Rev. Luiz Lima is the vicar of St Luke's church in Shireoaks and Christ Church in Worksop.

He is originally from Brazil, has a background in youth work and is married to Jessica and has 2 sons.

Rev. Lima is passionate about education and is involved with many local schools providing strategic leadership, RE support, pastoral care, community cohesion and assemblies.

Mrs S Stephens

My name is Sarah Stephens and I am a Foundation Governor at St Luke’s. I am now in my second term of Office so I have been associated with the School for six years. I don’t live in the village but in one nearby. I do, however, have an association with the village as I manage the trip narrowboat Hugh Henshall for the Chesterfield Canal Trust which is moored in Shireoaks Marina.


I first began my association with the School as a reading volunteer after meeting children from the Sunshine Suite. Sadly volunteers are not allowed into the School at the moment because of Covid 19 and, hence, I have not been into the school since March 2020. In this role I act as an additional resource for the Class Teacher who identifies children who need additional reading support per week.


I trained as a Nurse and then a Midwife in Sheffield and eventually became a Midwife Teacher and retired as a Midwifery Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Training and assessment of the next generation of Midwives became my passion. The relationship between a student midwife and the lecturer was core to my objectives to enable them to succeed. I learnt to adapt my teaching and supervision to meet the individual needs of students who may have come immediately from post 16 education, or as mature entrants after a College Access course, or as Graduates. In other words from a variety of educational backgrounds. I try to use this experience when supporting youngsters in School though I acknowledge I am not a trained teacher of primary children.


It is my belief that primary school education creates the foundation for young people to achieve with teachers identifying individual needs across the spectrum. St Luke’s School uses a variety of measurement tools, decided by the Headteacher and her staff, and these outcomes are regularly reported to parents.


The Headteacher reports trends to the Governors related to the required elements within the National Curriculum. Our role is to challenge how these are upheld and what action has been taken in order to confirm whether further investment may be needed. Equally we “govern” all aspects of Health and Safety within the School. In a “nutshell” we are part of the Quality Assurance mechanisms alongside those of the Local Authority and Ofsted.


In addition Governors are assigned to individual classes and are required to undertake a termly observation visit and submit a report to the Headteacher. Clearly these have not taken place this last year but Mrs Dunn has kept us informed of adaptations and actions within the School.


Throughout the pandemic Governor’s meetings have continued to be maintained virtually and we meet once per term ie Autumn, Spring and Summer.