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PE and Sport in Thoresby Class

Week commencing 7th October 2019


During P.E this week Thoresby Class have had a lot of fun doing relay races. They had to work well as team as well as being agile and alert to be ready to take their turn. The races included running in and out of cones, moving a tennis ball along a line of cones and being the first team to bring the ball back to the beginning. Bouncing a basket ball and weaving in and out of the cones, making sure that they control the ball at all times. Skipping with the hoops from one end of the play ground to the other. All of the children enjoyed the games very much and supported each other really well.


Week commencing 30th September 2019


In P.E this week Thoresby Class have had lots of fun playing dodge ball and hop & hoop.

Playing dodge ball the children had to be agile to avoid the ball hitting their lower legs to stay in the game. Using quick thinking to dodge the ball, then having good hand eye coordination when aiming towards their opponent. 

A favourite game of the class hop & hoop, the children used a lot of energy moving around between the hoops, changing direction and speed while listening carefully for Miss Phillipson to say the number of children needed in a hoop. As the game goes on the number of hoops reduces making the game more challenging and the children have to be alert and quick on their feet. 

Week commencing 23rd September 2019


Thoresby Class have enjoyed doing dance this week in P.E. The children listened to a piece of music, thinking about the beat and speed of the music. Working in small groups they had to produce a dance using different movements that followed the music’s tempo. Making sure that their dance flowed between each movement and looked smooth. All time working as a team to make sure everyone was in time with each other. All of the children enjoyed creating their dances and every group was different. 



Week commencing 16th September 2019


Thoresby Class have enjoyed football this week in P.E. They have worked on a number of different skills: Dribbling the ball to a partner, passing to each other, thinking about speed and technique, and also ball control. The children had to work as a team during a game of football, using good clear communication with each other and supporting each other all the way. 

During P.E Thoresby Class have played a game called Hop and Hoop and used their ball skills. Thinking about encouraging each other and being aware of others around them. They used their quick thinking, agility and speed to navigate between a decreasing number of hoops.