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St. Luke's Stories

We have a really exciting competition for you! A local poet, Mr. Brammer, has bought us a lovely trophy and we would like you to write your best story in order to win it. 


This can be about anything you would like; an adventure story, a magical story, a fairy story or any other type of story you can think of. 


Choose something that you are interested in, think about your characters, your setting and what is going to happen that will be exciting for others to read. 


We can't wait to hear all of your fabulous tales! 


You have until Friday 25th February to hand in your story to your class teacher - the winning entry will receive a prize as well as having their name printed onto this beautiful new trophy. 


Good Luck!

We found some different places to read stories!

As part of National Storytelling Week, Thoresby & Elmton Classes paired up and read to each other! It was lovely to share our favourite stories.