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Today we are going to have a quick recap of column multiplication. I have uploaded another teaching video below to remind you of the method we use when multiplying numbers by a one digit number. Once you have watched the video, have a go at the below questions using the method to see how you find it. Let me know!


1.    342 x 2

2.    451 x 4

3.    731 x 3

4.    614 x 6

5.    813 x 4

6.    720 x 6

7.    349 x 7

8.    521 x 7

9.    436 x 8

10.  373 x 9

11.  4205 x 3

12.  7316 x 9

13.  5772 x 5

14.  3745 x 7

15.  8271 x 9


Once you have completed all the questions you could use a calculator to check your answers smiley



I hope you are all enjoying our class book - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is being read to us by Mrs Dilks. Below is the video of Chapter 4 for you to enjoy. 


How would different people have felt when Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was shut? Who would have felt sad? (Sweet shop owners) Who would have felt happy? (e.g. dentists) Make a list of people with opposing views.

If you were interviewing someone about the chocolate factory closing, what questions would you ask?


Once you have thought about the above questions, choose a task that is appropriate and challenging for you:

1. Think about whether you would like to be a child or a dentist. Write 2 questions you would ask relating to the factory closure, then see if a grown up can ask you those questions and you answer them in character!

2. Using question marks, write three questions about when the factory closed and then answer your own questions from either a child or dentist perspective. 

3. Write three questions and then answer your own questions from both a child and a dentist's perspective. 


Don't forget to email me your work so that I can send you some feedback on MarvellousMe - I do really enjoy reading your ideas.



I really enjoyed seeing some of your work on abstract nouns - there were some really creative ideas! Today, the task is to combine the spelling words and our weekly concept by writing a paragraph. Try to use as many of the weekly spelling words in your paragraph - the topic can be completely up to you. In order to ensure you include some abstract nouns, your paragraph could be a description of the world you created, giving more detail and explaining your ideas from Tuesday's lesson. If you have other ideas of how to link your spelling words and the abstract nouns you know, please use them - I am just providing an example to help but you don't have to use it!



We are going to have a look at the Quakers in our lesson today as they link in with Cadbury's chocolate. Use the attached PowerPoint to read the overview of the Quakers and see what beliefs they have and why. We will expand more on the links to Cadbury's next week. For now, once you have used the PowerPoint to learn more information about the Quakers, test your knowledge and recall by writing at least 4 facts that you have learnt. You can produce these facts however you wish to do so - you could create a list, a poster, your own PowerPoint presentation, a Word document - the choice is yours!