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Year 2

12/12/22 - 16/12/22

Following on from our week of assessments, we have returned to our topic of money and have been able to identify each different coin and note and know their value. We have added amounts of money and been able to select the correct coins to make a specific amount. We then moved on to comparing amounts of money. 

28/11/22 - 02/12/22

This week, we have been working hard on our addition and subtraction fluency and have developed our understanding of these concepts. We are working super hard! We are continuing to complete arithmetic questions and are becoming much more confident with this. We also learnt how to add three 1-digit numbers and looked at number bonds to 100 using the hundred squares. Finally, we have begun to learn about money and have been identifying pounds and pence as well as adding amounts. 

21/11/22 - 25/11/22

This week, we have learnt more about adding two 2-digit numbers when crossing ten and we have also been subtracting two 2-digit numbers too. We have been completing lots of written calculations in our Maths books and this has built up our fluency and confidence. We are working hard on recalling our number facts to 10 and have been regularly practising this. We have also started to complete some written mental arithmetic questions this week at the start of each lesson and are developing our understanding of these. 

14/11/22 - 18/11/22

This week, we have continued to use tens frames and other visual resources, such as numicon, to help us with our number bonds and addition when crossing ten. We have also moved on to subtracting this week and have been working hard subtracting a one-digit number from two-digit numbers. 

07/11/22 - 11/11/22

This week we have been focusing on adding and subtracting ones from any two digit number and we then moved on to 10 more and 10 less than any number. We used the interactive whiteboard and a hundred square to study the patterns that are created when we add or subtract ten. We learnt that the ones number stays the same but the number in the tens column changes. We needed a super understanding of place value for this task! We have also started to use tens frames to add numbers together by making ten. We are going to look at this in more detail next week too. 

31/10/22 - 04/11/22

This week we have been focusing on number bonds to 100 and looking at how the patterns are similar to the number bonds to 10. We learnt that if we know our number bonds to 10, we should also know our number bonds to 100 as the numbers are just 10 times bigger! For example, if you know that 7+3=10, you also know that 70+30=100. Can you tell your grown ups any more number bonds to 100?