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Maths - Starter Task


In our Maths lesson, we now complete a task called Fluent in Five. The task is timed for 5 minutes.

Maths - Main Activity


This week in maths, we are learning about Place Value.


For our maths lesson today, we will be continuing to learn about hundreds, tens and ones.


Please watch the video and have a go at the worksheets. 





For our English lesson today, we will be reading the second half of our book 'The Stone Age Boy'. Again, the book is on a PowerPoint. This will give you a chance to practice your reading. You may read each page of the book or you can click on the audio speaker to listen to Miss Earle reading it.


Today's lesson is very similar to yesterday's lesson.


Once you have finished reading the second half of the book. I would like you to pick out 4 key events which have taken place. Using these events, you will need to create a story board. This will help you to remember what has happened in the story.


In the top half of the box, you will draw a neat and detailed picture which links to the event. In the bottom half of the book, please write a detailed and descriptive paragraph about the key event. You will need to use expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions. Please use the template to help you.