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To continue our learning of decimals and fractions, today we are looking at tenths on a place value grid. I hope the teaching video I have attached will give you a good understanding of how to complete the questions on the worksheet. Let me know how you get on or if you need any more help smiley



Our topic for this half term is 'achievors and inventors' and I am so excited to learn more about amazing people and useful things! We will start this off by looking at Amelia Earhart, who was so inspirational as she achieved so much. Looking forward, we will then be using our understanding of biographies to write one about her. But to start with for today's lesson, please have a look at the slides and get a feel for what Amelia got up to and some information about her life. 


Then, complete Worksheet 1A, which is the timeline of her life. There are also some really great information resources on the worksheet section, which you may find useful later this week. If you have time and would like to look at things from a different perspective, have a go at page 10 on the worksheet file - it is a document where you can put yourself in Amelia's shoes and write how you think she may have been feeling at different points. 



We will be studying the invention of the world wide web when we get back to school, but to start with I would like you to think about what the pros and cons of the internet are. What are the good things about the internet? Perhaps keeping in touch with friends who live further away or being able to carry on completing school work during a pandemic! And what are the not so good things? Maybe the fact that people worry too much about how popular they are online or that it is not always a safe place to be.


Create your own list of positive and negative things about the internet. You can do this either on the computer or on paper. 

Reading Comprehension


Have a look at the attached comprehension tasks - there are three different levels here (1* being the easiest, 3* being the trickiest) and I would like you to complete one of these. Please choose one that is most suitable for you, so you are able to answer the questions but you have to think about it carefully - we do not want the one you choose to be too easy for you!


Once you have chosen which star task you will do, read the text that comes with that level and then answer the questions. The answers are also provided so you can check your work. 


This reading comprehension will also allow us to learn some more about Amelia Earhart!