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Morning Work

Here is the week's arithmetic mini test. See if you can beat last week's score!


For Maths today, I would like you to use all the skills we have learnt this week to answer these questions. 

For task 1, you can choose either silver or gold then have a go at task 2. 


For Big Write this week, I would like you to have a look at this picture: 

Think about the power of saying thank you and how this makes you and others feel. 


Your Big write can be in any style you like:

 - You might choose to write a story, including how this note was written. 

 - You might write a diary entry about you writing or receiving the note and why. 

 - You might write a letter to thank someone for something. 

You might think of a different idea that you would like to write about. 


Here are some questions to think about to help you:

Who has written the message?

Why have they written the message?

Can you remember the last 5 times you said ‘thank you’ to someone?

What did you say thank you for?

What effect does being polite to people have?


We are going to have another look at commas today. 

Follow the link to the lesson then have a go at the questions.


Please ask an adult to test you on your spellings. Let me know how you did. 


In this lesson we are going to be listening to some different pieces of Egyptian music. 

Please follow the instructions on the PowerPoint slides. 


To finish off our learning about social media and online safety, have a go at the following quiz - can you get full marks?