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Today we are recapping our learning of both mental and written addition. Which strategies have we used when adding numbers? 


Cn you complete the following questions mentally?

1. 642+ 253

2. 406 + 372

3. 561 + 218

4. 197 + 500

5. 318 + 271

6. 5134 + 2013

7. 8024 + 1175

8. 5165 + 2834

9. 4753 + 2642

10. 5317 + 1675


Now, please complete the attached worksheet. The answers are provided for you to check your work once you have finished. 


Today's focus is investigating how apostrophes are used within plurals. Do you think the position of the apostrophe changes depending on the amount of items that are in possession? Make a prediction and then fill in the table below to see if you are correct! Use the rows at the bottom to create your own examples. 


Plural Nouns Show Ownership
boysbagboys' bag
 bagsboys' bags



This lesson is a cold write. Please can you write a description of a mythical creature? Remember, it is so important not to do any research before this - just use what you already know. We will then begin our learning on the topic tomorrow smiley


Our lesson focus today is peer pressure. What does this mean? Perhaps you could speak to a grown up about your ideas on this. What is a dare? Do you have any experience of these? Have a look at the attached sheet and think about some of the scenarios. How would you respond in the same situation? What should you do? Then, have a look at the storyboard activity attached and complete it.


We are completing our last week of netball this week and will be combining our learning of passes, defending and shooting into mini game situations. Please take some time to do some exercise - you could try running, playing football with family in the garden or a more calming activity such as yoga.