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I would like you to complete the Joe Wick's workout for P.E please

Powerpoint for Phonics

Have a look at the PowerPoint before completing the Phonics tasks. It's all about the prefix re! Yesterday, we started learning about this and practised reading and spelling some words. Now, I would like you to read through this PowerPoint and complete the task afterwards please.

Phonics work for the prefix re


Today we are going to be focusing on the two times tables. First of all, can you count in your two's?  I would like you to watch this video:  You can complete the starter quiz on here. Then watch the video. For the independent task, there is a sheet attached. At the end of the video, you can complete the quiz.  This is a fun video to help you remember your two times tables:

For Science, we are looking at local habitats. What is a habitat? What could be a local habitat?  I would like you to explore in your back garden or you could use Google Earth to explore the local habitats around you. Please look at the PowerPoint and complete the sheets.


For Literacy, we are going to start exploring diary entries. We will eventually be writing a diary entry from the perspective of a diver. I would like you to imagine that you are going to become a diver. You are going to explore the oceans and discover the marine wildlife. You can either draw your own diver template or use the sheet attached.  You can edit a picture of yourself in there too if you would like. Otherwise, you can draw it. Underneath, I would like you to provide a description of the diver. What do divers wear? Why do they wear this? For example, a snorkel is for breathing. Remember to describe your snorkel. For example 'I am wearing my brightly coloured snorkel which helps me breathe underwater. I like using this to explore under the ocean and see the beautiful marine mammals, such as whales! I would like you to go into a lot of detail and really describe yourself as a diver. Could you give yourself a special name? Which oceans are you going to visit? This links in with our geography learning too! You can make your divers outfit bright and colourful too. Maybe so you can be seen by the animals and fellow divers!