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Please complete the rapid reasoning and fluent in five questions. Remember to spend no longer than 5 minutes on each activity.

Today we are going to be learning to identify the area of a shape. We discussed how to find areas of shapes last week so hopefully this will be a recap. Work through the PowerPoint before starting the activity.



Over the next couple of weeks we will be recapping on all of the year 6 punctuation. Yesterday you completed a task including hyphen in your writing. Today, I would like you to recap on dashes. Work through the sheets below to demonstrate your understanding of how to correctly use a dash. 



Today, I would like you to complete a book review based on a story that you have read. It might be a story that you are currently reading or one of your favourites from when you were younger. You can present your book review in a range of ways including on Publisher, PowerPoint, Word or by creating a poster but I would like you to consider the following:

- the genre

- a description of the characters and their traits

- the setting

- Literary effects

- the atmosphere and mood

- an overview of the plot

- how the story can be improved

- similarities and differences with other stories

- reasons why the book should be read by others.

Acorn Theatre


Remember to continue to practise your lines and the songs for the show!