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We are still focusing on witches in today's lesson. Here's the link, please watch the video and complete the activity.



For Computing, we are going to be looking at impressionist art. There is a 2do set on Purple Mash. Research impressionist art. What do they have in common? Have a look at the fact file for information about impressionist art. We are going to be using 2Paint to paint a Picture.  It is a drawing tool that helps you to create various painting effects and combine these effects to make pictures. When the tool is first opened, you get a choice of painting effects. We will be looking at some of them during the next few lessons. Have a look at the 2do and complete it.


For Maths today, I would like you to complete the activities on Purple Mash. 

Golden time- optional

For Golden time, I would like you to complete this lovely activity. Its a self portrait where on one side you draw and colour what you look like on the Outer Self side of the face. Draw and colour your hobbies, emotions, thoughts, and feelings on the Inner Self side of the face. See the sample picture for ideas.