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Week beginning 12th October

Wednesday 14th October- Maths

In Maths we are learning to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. To do this we need to change both denominators so that they are the same (we can use our times tables knowledge to find a common number) and then use this multiple on our numerator. Once we have found a common denominator we need to leave that and just add or subtract the numerator.  Try the sheet below. 


In English we are going to build up on our knowledge of biographies to create a biography about Nelson Mandela's life. Today, I would like you to use the PowerPoint to create a fact file about Nelson Mandela. 

Thursday 15th October 2020



Today in Maths we are learning to round numbers to the required degree of accuracy. Remember we always round up if the final number is over 5. Try one of the sections on the sheet below.





Yesterday you were asked to create a fact file about Nelson Mandela. If you haven't finished this please do it today. Then I would like you to write the opening paragraph of your biography. In this paragraph you will be giving a brief overview of who he is and what he is known for. 


Last week we started using the website to create a PowerPoint about the Aztecs. Today I would like you to continue with your research, focusing on the Aztec warriors and the end of the Aztec empire. 

Friday 16th October 2020



Today in Maths we have been learning to use the column method for multiplication. Remember we are multiplying each number by the bottom number. Try one section on the sheet below. 


Please continue to write your biography of Nelson Mandela. Today you should be focusing on his early life. 




Today we are looking at the artist Charlie Mackesy who is the author of the book 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.' Research Charlie's art style on the internet and create a piece of art similar to his.