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Outstanding Learners

It has been wonderful to meet with the adults of every member of Thoresby class over the last couple of weeks and share so many good things! It is also brilliant that the children have such supportive families because, as well as sharing information about progress so far, we have been able to talk about targets to help everyone reach their potential. One of the targets that we set is for learning behaviours.

At the beginnng of the year, we created a class vision together about what we would like our class to be. We have worked really hard to achieve and maintain it all year, and we are fortunate to have a class filled with excellent learners; however, we have been thinking about how we can make it even better but transforming ourselves into consistently outstanding learners. These are our learning behaviours targets:
We can demonstrate a thirst for learning and make a determined effort in every subject.
We can collaborate and cooperate well, being ready to learn at all times.
We are highly engaged in all of our lessons.
We are highly skilled at managing our own behaviour.
We are highly supportive of other learners.
We have excellent attitudes towards our learning.

Have a look in our gallery for photographs of our class 'Investors in Pupils' display.