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For Maths today, we will continuing to focus on 3D shapes. Think about how many 3D shapes can you name. What are the properties of those shapes?


Please go through the PowerPoint about 3D shapes. Once you have completed it, please have a go at the worksheet.


There is also a 3D quiz, which you might enjoy. How many can you get right?



For English today, please read your similes from yesterday's lesson. Using these similes, today you will be writing your own simile poem. Your poem can either be about Christmas, winter or snow.


Please write 8 similes. Try to make them flow together and use exciting adjectives to make it interesting.


I can't wait to read it!

Religious Education


Can you remember what we did on Monday for RE?


Today, we will be reading the next part of the Nativity. Please follow the PowerPoint for the story. Once you have completed the PowerPoint, please draw Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the stable. Underneath, please explain this part of the story and why Jesus is in a stable.