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Our focus this half term is dance and we have been completing some animal dances! We thought carefully about how animals might move and tried to replicate this. We played a game where one person demonstrated movements of an animal and everyone else had to guess which animal it was! We then moved on to talking about mirroring and we created routines in partners which showed us moving at the same time in the same way in order to create a mirrored effect. 

We have continued our dance focus over the past few weeks and have learnt more about 'improvising independently' and have been developing our movement skills. We have also been working in small groups to rehearse a routine to music and we will be performing these soon! 

Over the last few lessons, we have been creating and rehearsing our own group dance routines! We discussed how this was different to improvising, as these routines needed to be the same each time they were performed, so all group members needed to be aware of what they were doing at all times. Children worked super hard producing some excellent routines and all performed in front of the class confidently. Well done, Rufford Class!