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We are having our final lesson on long multiplication today. 

Have a look at the examples of the Powerpoint before having a go at the questions on the sheet. 



Today in English, we are going to be looking at synonyms. 

These are two different words that mean the same thing. For example: happy, joyful, pleased, merry. These are all synonyms. 

We are going to read to the end of chapter 6. 

As you read, make a list of all the adjectives you can find. There may be some new words to learn in this section! 

Afterwards, can you write a definition for each word, use a dictionary (or online dictionary) if you are not sure. Then, can you write a list of synonyms for each word. You may use as thesaurus (or online thesaurus) to help you do this. 


In Science we are continuing our learning on forces. Today we are looking at gravity. Can you complete some research about the scientist Isaac Newton and how gravity was first discovered. You can present this however you would like.