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As part of our 'Wear it Wild' Day for the WWF, we played some animal related games! First, we thought about how to move like different animals and then had to use our listening skills to follow the instructions. We had to move in a range of different ways and keep changing positions, being super agile and flexible! Then, we played 'mountain gorillas and rhinos' where half of us were mountain gorillas and the other half were rhinos. Once you tug someone on the other team, they became the same animal as you. The mountain gorillas ended up with the most people on their team at the end of the game - well done! 

Our focus this half term is athletics and this week we practised our sprinting! We tried running without using our arms and leaning backwards, learning that the most effective way is to keep your arms moving and lean forward a little bit, and we then followed this by having a few running races.

This lesson we have focused on different types of jumps and discussed the techniques we need to use in order to gain more height or distance. We then had a jumping competition to see who could jump the furthest! Well done, Alex smiley