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It's time to combine our learning throughout the week of area and perimeter and apply it to some longer questions! Watch the teaching video below and then have a go at the attached questions. You can choose to complete the super tricky questions if you feel confident enough! 


Let me know if you need anything smiley

Big Write


This week's Big Write is to write a story. The setting and plot of your story can be whatever you choose - you might decide to set it in a snowy scene based on the weather we had last week! Remember, when you are writing a story you need to follow a structure of introduction, build up, problem, resolution and then ending. Give enough detail so that your structure is clear and I can get to know your characters.


Once you have finished, mark your own work using the self-assessment section of the checklist and then see if a grown up can mark the other side for you so you can compare the two columns. 

Golden Time


It is really important to make sure you are having some time to relax and switch off from school and screens. Therefore, I would like you to use this time to complete some mindfulness activities, colouring, crossword or puzzle activities, listen to music - anything that will distract your mind whilst staying away from a computer or tablet! Enjoy smiley



This week we are continuing to study the properties of materials - solids, liquids and gases. Think back to last week. Can you remember the properties of each? Have a look at the video if you need to remind yourself. 


Then, I would like you to find some items around your house. Can you find examples of solids, liquids and gases? Can you photograph them to send them to me? Do you find there are any issues with this? Let me know!