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Morning Work

Have a go at today's arithmetic questions.


For Maths today we are going to look at some trickier questions involving adding fractions. 

Please use the PowerPoint for an example of each question before having a go at your own. 


For English today, we are writing our own persuasive letter. You will be able to choose your own topic. 

Follow the video to hear some examples and suggestions for how you can create your own letter.


We are going to have a recap of using commas correctly. 

We are really good at using commas in lists and after fronted adverbials but sometimes, we need to remember to use commas to help show what we mean. 


For example: 

Don't eat Grandma!

Don't eat, Grandma. 

Think how the comma changes the meaning of this short sentence. 


Follow the link to today's lesson then complete the questions.


Today we are going to look at what life was like for people in Ancient Egypt. Follow the PowerPoint to learn about this and to complete your tasks.