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Thursday 21st January


English and GPS

A fantastic piece of writing by Isabella


I did it I am free. I sulked along the side of the railings on the other side of the gate, I could still hear the woman’s faint laughter. I could smell the air the breeze rushed around my cheeks and the sounds it was loud so unbelievably loud compared to the silence of the workhouse the hustle and bustle of people all along the street. I need to find Rosie, she will help me find my sisters. I need to tell them about Ma they won’t even know she’s died and now I have to find them we need to stay together. Maybe I can live with them and work for the lord of the house if they work in one, I could sweep the paths or clean the chimney, I just need to find them. Maybe I will run and keep running till I see something I remember, its been such a long time since I have been out the gates. The large houses and tree lined streets make it hard to figure out where I am every street looks the same and It’s so loud compared to the workhouse its hard to hear the own voice in my head, but I need to get out of sight before I get caught and get a huge punishment. If a policeman sees me I am done for, I remember my clothes, I look down and realise I don’t look like the other boys I’m wearing workhouse clothes we all wore the same, I need to find new clothes and quick, I must get out of sight and try to blend in or I’ll get caught for sure. I cant help but think about Tip I hope he’s ok, I wish he was here he would know what to do and where to go but for now I need to think about myself. All of a sudden I feel all alone I’m frightened Ma’s gone I have no where to go and no where to turn I must find my sisters, a rumble shakes my stomach and I remember my supper I reach into my pocket for the cheese and try to ease the aches. Tonight may not be over but tomorrow Is a new day.

An excellent piece of writing by Tommy


I was very desperate to get out of the workhouse. So, when the washer women asked some big boys to come and help beat the carpets, I volunteered along with some other people. We got up out of our seats and went to help the washer women. Tip came running after me. We were beating the carpets and I got very tired, very quickly. One of the women said to us that we need to bring out the carpet to someone outside of the gate. This is when I decide to try to escape form the workhouse. I went outside with Top and the washer woman while Tip and I were holding the carpet. The woman started talking with the person at the gate and I saw an opportunity to escape. I tried to persuade Tip to come but he said no, but asked me not to forget him.

Behind my back I heard Tip trudge back through the snow, into the workhouse. I realised it was now or never. I snuck into the shadow of the gate 9being careful to make that neither the women, nor the rich person, noticed me) and sneaked past in the shadows.

I tiptoed onto the road, being careful not to be seen. As luck would have it, a carriage passed by. I ran around the opposite side of it (the opposite side to the workhouse) and kept following the carriage until I saw a turning point in the road.

My heart was beating very fast and I felt SO excited. I ran past the old brick buildings and under dirty, iron bridges. I ran around another corner and that’s when I knew it, I was free! 

That’s when I realised, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t have a plan. I will go and try to find Emily and Lizzie and ask if I can stay with them. I will hopefully get a job in the kitchen they work in as a floor sweeper.