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Starter: Here are today's arithmetic questions.

Now we have looked at adding and subtracting fractions, we are going to look at adding and subtracting mixed numbers. 

We will need to be confident at converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions as well as finding common denominators. 


Please have a look at this video first and complete the activities as you go along on some scrap paper:


Now have a look at today's main video which explains some of the trickier types of question using this method before trying the worksheet:


Listen to chapter 4: The enemy.


What do you think Matimba feels about Akimbo's request? Why? 

Why is it important for Akimbo that he has found the head of the gang?

What do you think Akimbo wants to achieve by going out with the gang? Why? 


Listen to chapter 5: The Hunt.


Imagine you are Akimbo, I would like you to write a diary entry about Akimbo's first experience out with the poachers. 

Think about: 

 - What the journey was like

 - What you had to eat and drink and how you had to sleep

 - How the men behaved and how you feel about it

 - What happened when you found the elephants

Remember to include lots of description and thoughts and feelings. 


Today we are going to have a reminder of subordinating conjunctions. 

Please follow the link to the lesson then complete the tasks.


Today we are going to look at drinks in French. 

We will learn how to order drinks from a menu in French. 

Follow the PowerPoint and sound clips then complete the task. 


Wednesday would normally be our PE day. 

You might have been enjoying the videos we have been using and that is great. Here are a selection of new links you might like to try: 

Tennis for all:

Change4Life indoor activities:

Think Active A-Z Challenge Activities:

Daily Mile Bingo:

Remember that any form of exercise is brilliant, these are just ideas. Try and get outside or get active at home as often as you can and have fun with it!