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Impact, intent and implementation at St Luke's:


History is one of the subjects in the National Curriculum. At St. Luke’s we are passionate in delivering high quality lessons in order to enable children to develop the skills to think and to act as Historians.


At St. Luke’s we strive to develop children’s enjoyment and interest in the historical subjects. We aim to ensure that through the teaching of history, we stimulate all children’s interests and understanding about life of people who lived in the past.  At St. Luke’s we teach children a sense of chronology, in order to develop a sense of identity and a cultural understanding based on their historical heritage. This enables our children to learn to value their own and other people’s cultures in modern multicultural Britain. Our children will learn about aspects of local, British and Ancient history. This wider awareness leads to the children having some knowledge of historical development in the wider world.  We believe that by allowing the children to understand the importance and enjoyment of history through different opportunities, they will become enthused learners in history. At our school, we also give children opportunities to develop their skills of enquiry, investigation and analysis.


At St. Luke’s we ensure that staff have a good, up to date knowledge of the curriculum and the content taught at each year group. Teachers develop children’s thinking and understanding by asking differentiated questions to challenge all children’s to abilities. Misconceptions are addressed and children are encouraged to develop their thinking and make links between knowledge taught in previous year groups. Teachers will model the subject-specific vocabulary, knowledge and skills relevant to the learning to allow them to integrate new knowledge into larger concepts. Topics are blocked to allow children to focus on developing their knowledge and skills, studying each topic in depth. To support teaching, teachers can access the Historical Association for a range of resources and planning. Work completed in History shows clear progress across year groups and is presented in class displays, whole school displays and in workbooks. Children are given verbal and written feedback on the work that they have produced and understand the steps they must take to make progress in each lesson.


At St. Luke’s teachers regularly assess children and upload data onto our assessment programme ‘Depth of Learning’. Clear progress is demonstrated across the year groups using this system. We aim to ensure that children progress through year groups feeling ready to develop and build on their knowledge and skills. All children are given the opportunity to succeed and make good progress in History. Evidence of good quality of work including a progression of skills can be found in the children’s history books.  By the time children leave St. Luke’s they will have a strong chronological understanding of historical events, making connection between their influence on the past and their potential influence on future events.

History at St Luke's

At St Luke’s, our school vision is ‘Let your light shine, live life to the full, respect and care for all, create a happy and safe world for everyone’. In History, we want our children to be inspired by this and to develop confidence to discover what has happened in the past. History ignites children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. Children, through history, are encouraged to ask perceptive questions, sift arguments, weigh evidence, think critically and develop perspective and judgement.

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