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Tuesday 5th January



Remember to continue to practise your spellings. This weeks spellings are:


- siege

- niece

- grief

- chief

- fiend

- shriek

- believe

- achieve

- convenience

- mischievous 


Can you use a dictionary to find the definitions of each of the words?



Starter- Mental Arithmetic- Work through the questions on the mental arithmetic sheet as quickly as you can. Remember to set yourself a timer and think about the different methods you have been taught to answer these questions since September. 

Main Activity- 

Today we are going to be focusing on the different types of triangles. Can you remember the properties of each triangle? Test yourself using the PowerPoint. 


Then I would like you to complete the activity where you will need to measure the sides and angles to identify the name of each triangle. 


I have also added a challenge sheet for you to try- Can you draw triangles with the given dimensions?


The following video may also be useful for you:



Use the following games website to recap on your learning on triangles.



Starter- I hope you found yesterdays work on bullet points useful. If you are still needing extra practise with this use the following link to learn more about king penguins and how to correctly embed bullet points.


Today we are going to focus on cohesive devices focusing on the oceanic whitetip shark. Use the following link to access the video and try the sections at the bottom labelled 'The Grammar Bit' and 'Whiteboard Challenges.' If you would like to continue with this learning then try the section labelled 'Writing Ideas'.


Main Activity- Yesterday you were asked to start to plan your recount based on your Christmas holidays. Today you are going to be writing your recount. What are the features that you need to include?

- Paragraphs- new ideas, new paragraphs

- Sequential words- finally, later, meanwhile, next, firstly, then, eventually

-  Descriptive language- adjectives and adverbs

-  First person- I......

- Past tense 

- Description of emotions

- Chronological order

- Introduction and conclusion.




Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be focusing on famous scientists from the Victorian period. We are going to be learning about significant scientists and how their breakthroughs have changed science for us and how their breakthroughs were made. 


Today we are going to be focusing on the scientist Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. 


Use the following link to read about her life and why she became significant. 


During the Victorian period, girls education was not seen as important as it is considered now. How do you think Elizabeth felt growing up?


Task- Imagine you are Elizabeth Garrett Anderson in the 1860's. Write a letter from her perspective as to why she should be allowed to train as a doctor in England.

Reading Comprehension


Since September we have been working hard on developing our reading comprehension skills. Remember to read the text first and underline anything that you might find important. Then read one question at a time. Stop and think about what the question means- make sure your answer is written in full sentences and it answers the question. Always check through your work. Re-read the question and the answer you have given. Do they match up?

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