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Circle Time! 


We have had a super circle time discussion in Rufford Class today, where we focused on hurtful behaviour. Have a look at some of our discussion below!


- How do we behave when we are hurt?

We tell a friend, tell a grown up, be brave, stay calm. 

- Who hurts you?

Sometimes you hurt yourself in an accident, you might trip over something and nobody else is involved. Accidents happen! 

- How should we react?

Don't shout, go and play somewhere else. 

- Is being hurt always physical?

It might be whispering, making fun of others, saying mean things about them or their family. 

- How can you not hurt someone this week?

Stay calm, don't play rough games, don't tell people what to do, don't laugh at people, don't leave people out. 


A great discussion with lots of sensible ideas - well done smiley