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Week beginning: 10th October

Matching and Sorting

This week we have been continuing to learn how to match and sort various objects. We have been using numicon and number cards. We looked very carefully at the numicon shapes and tried hard to match it to the correct card. We also used our number stones to recognise numbers 1-5 and match them to the numicon shapes. We also enjoyed comparing towers by seeing which towers had more or less cubes. We used the language of 'more', 'less' and 'fewer' and 'greater' to describe the towers.


Take a look a tower that a couple of the boys built in our construction area!

I wonder how many wooden bricks they used for this tower?

Dressing-up fun!

I wonder if you can recognise any of these Creswell pupils?


They are all in disguise! Who is Chase from Paw Patrol and who is behind the mask of Spider-Man?