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Morning Work

Have a go at today's arithmetic questions. Remember to check you answers using the animations.


Today we are going to carry on our learning about equivalent fractions. 

Watch the video then have a go at the task.


For GPS today, please spend some time practising your spellings. You can use the activities attached on this week's spelling page if you like. 


Now you have created your character and some speech, I would like you to have a go at writing an action scene inside the pyramid. 

Please use the PowerPoint to see and hear an example of this before you try your own.


We are going to learn about some of the different Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This will help us with our English work. 

Have a look at the PowerPoint and follow the links to the websites that are on the slides. 

When you have done this, choose a God or Goddess and complete the fact file.