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Rule- Words with endings that sound like shuhl after a consonant letter.













Write the definition for each word.



Today we are going to be exploring the function of colons. Use the link below to watch the video before completing the activity.



Each newspaper article is filled with opinions and facts. 


Can you write:

- 2 facts about a pop group/star

- 2 opinions about a pop group/star

- 2 facts about school

- 2 opinions about school

- 2 facts about food

- 2 opinions about food


Complete the worksheet below. Can you differentiate between factual information and an opinion?



Starting Activity- Set yourself a timer of five minutes to complete as many times tables questions as you can. 


By the end of Y6 you should be confident in reciting all of your times tables. Remember that you can access Times Tables Rockstars at any point. Please let me know if you need your username and password. 



Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be learning about Victorian Crime and Punishment. 

- What crimes do you think were committed during Victorian times?

- Do you think they differ from crimes committed today?

- Why do you think crimes were committed during the Victorian era?


Look through the PowerPoint below. You are going to be learning about some of the crimes committed during the Victorian era and what punishments were given to those convicted. I would like you to think carefully about why these crimes were committed and whether you think the punishment was fair. 


How would you cope?

Victorians often believed that criminals should complete their punishments in silence!


Choose either task 1 or task 2 and complete for 2 minutes in silence;

Task 1 - Have a 30cm piece of string. Your task is to separate each strand with only an uncoiled paper clip to help.

Task 2 – Have a piece of scrap paper. Fold it as many times as you can. Once you have it as small as possible, unfold it. Repeat.

Imagine having to do these tasks all day in complete SILENCE!


Activity- Complete the activity below. Can you guess the punishments they would have received for the crimes that they had committed?

The Beast of Buckingham Palace


The Griffin is described as the 'King of the Beasts'. It is half eagle (the king of the birds) and half lion (the king of the animals). The head and wings are those of an eagle, while the body and back legs are those of a lion.


Activity: Draw and describe a mythical creature. Which animals will you use?