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Today we are going to look at using everything we have learnt about column multiplication and bus stop division. 

Have a good look at each question attached, work out the methods you will need to use and solve the problems - you may have to use some addition or subtraction as well!


Today in English we are going to plan our final newspaper reports. 

You can write it on any topic that you like - be creative! 

There is a planning sheet below for you to make notes on everything you will need to include in your report. Try to add as many details to this as you can. 


Today we are going to look at the different tenses we have learnt about.

Have a look at the examples then choose the red, blue or yellow task. 


Today we are going to be investigating the force of air resistance. 

We are going to do this by making parachutes out of paper, string and paperclips and testing how effective they are. 

Have a look at the powerpoint and task sheet below.