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Week Commencing 27th September

Below are the Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning questions that we do before every Maths lesson. Please continue to do these at home - start on Week 3 day 1 for Monday and then each day follow on with the next day's work. The answers are available underneath the questions for the day. 

This week's collective worship



Today in Maths we will be focusing on negative numbers. Can you count backwards in 10s from 100? Where do you end up? What happens once you reach zero? When do we use negative numbers in the real world?


There are a few videos below to help you with the concept of negative numbers. Once you have watched these, have a look at the PowerPoint below which gives you some questions about different temperatures. 


There is then a worksheet for you to try. Let me know how you find it on the class email smiley


This week's hypothesis is: 

It is easier to play charades with words ending in 'gue' than 'que'


Believe it or not? Make a prediction about whether this is true! See if you can demonstrate the following words to your grown up and investigate the hypothesis. 


league, plague, mosque, barbeque, vague, grotesque, technique, antique, fatigue, tongue, intrigue, physique, analogue, catalogue, picturesque, unique, cheque, opaque, epilogue, boutique, rogue


What conclusion can you come to?


Key learning: 

- In general, words ending in 'g' have the 'gue' ending

- In general, words ending in 'k' have the 'que' ending 


This week we are starting a new topic - recounts. We will be learning all about the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest and looking at the different theories surrounding the expedition. 


Today's task is a 'cold write' which means you need to write a recount. This can be about anything you wish, but you need to include all relevant features you already know. It is really important that you don't do any research on the topic of recounts - this is why it is called a cold write. We haven't learnt anything about this type of writing so far this year so this task gives me an opportunity to see what you already know and where there are gaps in learning, which we will then fill over the next few weeks. Once we have finished all of the learning on this topic, we will do another piece of writing which will show what you have learnt and whether there is anything you still need to know. This task is nothing to worry about and please don't panic if you feel you don't know anything - just try your best! You can write about something that you have experienced, for example a holiday or birthday, or you could write about your week at home. These are just some suggestions! Send your piece of writing to once you have done it laugh


Today's topic in PSHE today is online communication. This is such an important topic in the current world! Have a look at the link below, which will take you to some information on BBC Bitesize about different ways we can communicate online. Once you have had a read of the information, try and make your own notes (without looking back!) to see how much you understand. Then watch the video that is on the page and take the quiz at the end smiley


Today we are beginning to focus on netball and developing our key skills. Over the next few weeks we will learn about positioning, passing, shooting and defending as well as the basic rules of the game. We will be able to play full games too.


If you want to, have a look at some of the basic rules of netball so that you are prepared when you come back into school. Also take some time to complete some physical activity of your own.