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We have been developing our understanding of pencil shades and tones and how we can vary the effects of our sketching using darker and lighter pencils. We looked at 'B' and 'H' pencils and discussed their meaning, We then experimented with these pencils and compared them. After this, we applied our knowledge to a sketch of the new King Charles III.

We are in the process of applying our skills and understanding of sketching techniques to a landscape piece - the view from the castle window. We have been practising different elements of our landscapes and thinking carefully about which pencils we will use to create specific effects. We will then build on this to produce our finished pieces. 

We have now finished the view from the castle window landscape sketches! These are on display on our 'Grand Designs' wall and show just how much we have learnt about tones, shading and how to use different sketching pencils.