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Today we are recapping on any concepts that children feel they need extra support with using the Abacus textbooks. I thought it would be good for children at home to go back through dividing by 100. Use the video to remind yourself of the concept before having a go at the worksheet. The answers are then available for you to check through your work. 


Today we are looking at a new set of 15 focus words. Please have a look at the words and then try to spell them yourself, based on the spelling rules you already know. Then, think about what the words mean and how you could use them in a sentence. Can you include them in some of your writing over the next few weeks?


1. gradually

2. grammar

3. guard

4. hardly

5. height

6. hydrogen

7. hygiene

8. impatient

9. imperfect

10. increase

11. interrelated 

12. intersection

13. intrigue 

14. invading

15. island 



Today in English we are going to be writing our biographies. You have already planned and researched the information that you will need, so this lesson will give you time to write it up in the correct format. Think carefully about the features that need to be included in your biography and ensure you include all of those. Also think about your presentation, letter formation and handwriting as well as using accurate punctuation in your work. Send any finished biographies to


This lesson we are focusing on combining all of our gymnastics skills and creating our own routine to music. The routine needs to last at least two minutes and should include a range of balance, flexibility and coordination as well as fluidity between movements. Have a go at creating your own gymnastics routine. Perhaps you could video it and send it to us here in school! 


If you are unable to do a gymnastics routine, any form of physical exercise is great. 


Today we are going to be learning about Alexander Bell as part of our topic of achievers and inventors. What do you already know about Alexander Bell and his inventions? Use the PowerPoint below to read about his life. Then, use the fact sheet to help you complete the worksheet.