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This week we are going to continue to practise our Year 6 spellings. Keep working on them every day this week ready for your spelling test on Friday. 


Pattern: words with the long /e/ sound spelt ie or ei after c (with exceptions)


- deceive

- conceive

- receive

- perceive

- ceiling

- receipt

- protein

- caffeine

- seize

- neither


Can you write a definition for each word?



Starter- Mental arithmetic- Set yourself a timer of 15 minutes to try and complete as many questions as you can. Think carefully about the different methods we have learnt this year and try to use these when answering the questions. 

Main Input- Today you are going to be applying the knowledge that you have gained over the last couple of days to answer reasoning questions on perimeter and area. Things to remember:


Perimeter- Adding all the measurements together.


Area- Multiplying the height by the width.


What do we do if we have complex shapes?

We divide the two shapes into two shapes and work out independently. 


Remember to keep looking back over the previous PowerPoints if you need another reminder. 


Plenary- Try the problem below:



Starter- Today, I would like you to follow the link below to access work on how to use figurative language. 

You will also be learning about the goldenwheel spider. Remember to watch the video before completing the tabs marked the grammar bit and whiteboard challenges. If you would like to challenge yourself further you can continue with the writing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you produce.


Main Input- Listen to chapter 2 of the story called 'The Stick Man'.


Mr. Spink is like our modern day landlords. If a family who are renting the house cannot pay anymore they will eventually be evicted.

- Do you think this is harsh?

- Should Mr. Spink have done more?

- What could he have done differently?


Activity- I would like you to write a diary entry from the perspective of Jim. Think about what we know from chapter 1 and 2 to make your diary fit the story. Think carefully about Jim's thoughts and feelings and include these in your diary. Also remember to include:

- a date and time for when the diary was written (remember this book is set in the Victorian era)

- use first person

- use the past tense

- write events in chronological order

- include personal emotions and feelings

- use paragraphs to organise writing

- use an informal style

- use time conjunctions and adverbials e.g. first 



Last week you started to learn about the artist William Morris. You looked at examples of his work and created some fantastic pieces of art based on his painting style. Today you are going to be continuing to learn about William Morris. Use the PowerPoint below and the information document to create a fact file about his life. You can choose to create your fact file in any way you would like. You might create a poster, produce a document on Microsoft Word or Publisher or design a PowerPoint. 



Wednesdays are our P.E. day. Today, I would like you to choose one of the following links and set aside 30 minutes to take part in some exercise. If the weathers nice you may choose to go into your garden and play some sport, go on the trampoline or you might go for a walk with an adult.


Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks

Dance with Oti Mabuse