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Thank you to all the children and parents/carers for all the work that has been sent to me. I am so impressed with how much effort you have all put into it and I cant wait to receive all your fabulous work today. 


Please send any completed work to




For Maths today, we will be focusing on dividing by 8. The children have already completed a lot of work involving the 8 times tables at school. 


Please watch the video about how to divide by 8. Your child can complete the questions along side the video on a piece of paper and, it will explain how to solve questions on their worksheet. Once they have completed the video, your child may have a go at the worksheet.


I understand that dividing is a tricky method to learn, therefore please make sure your child just tries their best! 



To continue on from yesterday's task, please can you write your own Oompa Loompa poem. You will need to make your poem rhyme, use lots of fantastic adjectives and try to make it funny. 


Remember, Oompa Loompa's loved to tell story's through their poems. 


You may also use the PowerPoint to help you. 


I can't wait to read them!



This half term, our topic has been based on the history of chocolate. Today, we will be focusing on the journey of Fairtrade chocolate.


Please read the PowerPoint to understand what Fairtrade chocolate is and how it goes from being a cacao bean to a chocolate bar.


Once you have completed the PowerPoint, use the interesting facts to explain the journey on a storyboard. Please write your explanations next to the numbers and draw your pictures above it.